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GARY ALEXANDER has been abusing mystery readers for nearly 35 years. His first sale was to the late Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine for $25. The money has gotten a little better, but writers are fatalistic about $.
After all, the motto of the Mystery Writers of America is "Crime does not pay - enough". Alexander's had a menagerie of protagonists over the years, some scary, some funny, all --
-- strange. The majority tried hard not to be heroic, as heroism can be harmful to one's health. Lead roles were filled by a police superintendent in a mythical Asian country and a Mayan PI in Yucatan Mexico.
The latest is stand-up comic Buster Hightower. DISAPPEARED, the first --
-- novel in that series was published by Five Star in 2010; ZILLIONAIRE, the 2nd in 2011; INTERLOCK, the 3rd in 2012; LOOT, the 4th in 2013. GOLD, the 5th, is now on Amazon Books for a mere $3.